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Пик слушателей: 225
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Fujita Junpei - Yakusoku no Nin

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Добавил: Trumer 5 | 31 августа 2011 | Просмотров: 244644

Yuu-Gi-Ou! 5D's

Год выпуска: 2008
Сезон: весна-2008
Жанр: комедия, приключения,фэнтези
Теги: карточные игры,сёнэн
Категория: TV сериалы (Рус. суб.)
Перевод субтитров: Zmaxachz,41024,-Shockwave-,Videl
Серии: 1-154 из 154 эп., 25 мин.
Возрастное ограничение: 14+

Студия: Югио! [ТВ-4] / Yuu-Gi-Ou! 5D's / Yu-Gi-Oh! 5 Duel Scoop / Yuu Gi Ou! 5D's
Режиссёр: Оно Кацуми
Снято по манге: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Автор оригинала: Такахаси Кадзуки

Описание: События, описываемые в сериале, происходят спустя значительное время, после событий в YU-Gi-Oh DM и Yu-Gi-Oh DM GX. Здесь мы встречаемся с новыми героями, а именно: Юсей Фудо и Джек Атлас. Некогда они были друзьями, а теперь они соперники. Смогут ли они восстановить былую дружбу? Смотрите и узнаете.

Версия с русскими субтитрами

Помощь с релизом оказал Trumer


001. Riding Duel! Acceleration!

002. Power Insect Deck! The Antlion\'s Trap

003. Escape! Nitro Warrior VS Goyou Guardian

004. Fated Showdown! Stardust Dragon Blocks the Way

005. Clashing Ace Dragons! Stardust VS Red Demons

006. Take a Look! Treasure Deck of Mine!

007. Feelings for the Cards! Crystal Skull VS Great Bull Ogre

008. Unfulfilled Soul: The Signers and the Legendary Dragon

009. Feelings Hanging for the Cards: A Planned Lightning Deathmatch

010. Deck Zero: Break the Chain Trap Loop

011. Special Pursuit Deck Again: Regain the Bonds with a Friend

012. Dead Chase! Weave the Bonds, Turbo Warrior

013. Dial On! Roar, Deformer Deck

014. Bringer of Folklore Destruction: Black Rose Witch Appears

015. Fortune Cup Opening Duel: Air Raid!!

016. Return of the Witch, The Dragon of Destruction

017. Flame Revenger

018. Ancient Forest: Invitation to the Spirits\' World

019. The Spirits\' World Contaminated: Evil Intent, Id the Super Demonic Lord

020. My Mission is With My Hometown

021. Vengeful Bomber: Trap of Sorrow, Chariot Pile

022. Disclosed Past: The Duel Profiler VS The Black Rose Witch

023. The Final Game, Heart Hidden Under the Mask

024. Victim Sanctuary: Become the Star Enveloping Destruction! Stardust Dragon

025. Fortune Cup Final! Lonely King, Jack Atlas

026. Destiny of the Signers! The Future Guided by the Crimson Dragon!

027. World Without Light: Dark Synchro, Freezing Fitzgerald!

028. Darkness that Engulfs All: Immortal Dark Signer

029. A Looming Threat: Dark Signer, Ushio

030. My Name is Crow! Fly, Black Bird

031. Hometown and Friends: Reuniting Tag Riding

032. Symbol of Freedom Daedalus Bridge

033. Vengeful Inferno: Former Friend, Kyosuke Kiryu

034. Dark Synchro! One-Hundred Eyes Dragon

035. Earthbound God Kokapak Akk

036. Docking of Courage and Power! Synchro Summon! Power Tool Dragon

037. Infiltration! Arcadia Movement, Therefore it\'s My Turn!

038. Resurrected Soul: The New Geoglyph Ablaze

039. Descent! The Two Earthbound Gods

040. Irreversible Past: A Locked Heart\'s Door

041. Hatred Caused by Sorrow

042. Warriors of the Crimson Dragon

043. Resolve Each Their Own! That Which is Wholeheartedly Believable

044. The Dark Signers\' Attack! The Hour of the Decisive Battle

045. Combustion of Vengeance: Darkness Bomber Air Raid

046. The Truth from Seventeen Years Ago, The Hidden Trap of the Dark Signers

047. The Man with the Monkey Geoglyph Mark

048. Minus World - The Search for the White Lion Regulus

049. The King that rules over Minus, the Demonic Monkey King Zeman

050. Curse of Minus! The Imprisoned Ancient Fairy Dragon

051. Be Resurrected! Boundary Breaking Duel

052. At the Ends of the Emotions Spun by the Cards

053. Gust Fiercely, Winds: Lone Silver Wind of the Black Feathers

054. The Last Duel! Team Satisfaction

055. Companions\' Sincerity, Savior Dragon

056. The 17-Year Old Vow: The Destiny Guided by Momentum

057. Darkness of the Heart, Last Hope Remaining

058. Destiny Dead Ahead! High Ruler of Hell, Dark King

059. The Lone Light, Savior Demons Dragon

060. Sad Story-Memory of Sorrow

061. At the End of the Truth

062. Last Battle! The Man with two Gods

063. The Strongest Earthbound God! Wiraqocha Rasca

064. Towards Our Future

065. A New Threat

066. Proof of Evolution, Synchro Monster

067. Tradition of the Duel Academia! Antique Gear Golem

068. The Memories of an Old Person - The Scrap-Iron Family Deck

069. A Threat! Lone Token Hell

070. The Forest which Spirits Away - Sleepy Beauty

071. Yusei Captured

072. What Lies Within the Wind

073. After Sealing Synchro Summoning

074. Further Evolution! Accel Synchro

075. Aki Izayoi Acceleration!

076. The Proud Demon, Demon Chaos King

077. Here Comes! The Super Elite Transfer Student

078. A Nightmare Reborn! Machine Emperor Skiel

079. To a World Yet Unseen

080. A Mysterious Super Mechanic

081. Operation Capture Jaeger

082. Yusei Fudo: 100% Chance of Defeat

083. Suspect: Jack Atlus!?

084. The Other Jack

085. The Grandfather Poppo Time Clock

086. Crashtown

087. Rescue Kiryu! The Town of Wandering Duelists

088. The Trap Laid in Front of Victory

089. Terror of Gatling Ogre

090. Deathmatch Riding Duel

091. Tag Duel: Kiryu & Yusei vs Rotten

092. Satisfaction

093. Tremble in Fear! The Resolve of the Master and Servant

094. Recollections: A Friend\'s Entrusted Last Wish

095. Soar! Blackfeather Dragon!!

096. Rally Forth! Team 5D\'s

097. After Despair and Conflict

098. The WRGP Commences! Team 5D\'s vs Team Unicorn

099. Burn! Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis

100. Dilemma! Last Wheeler Yusei

101. For the Team

102. Just For Victory

103. What You Win at the End of the Battle

104. The Messengers of Destruction - Team Catastrophe

105. The Dark Card - Hidden Knight -Hook-

106. Ghost Flood! The Terrifying Battle Royale Mode

107. Wake Up!! Unwavering Standpoint - Clear Mind

108. The Revived Terror - Machine Emperor Wisel

109. Accel Synchro! Be Born! Shooting Star Dragon!

110. The Three Emperors of Yliaster

111. The Ancient Land - To Nazca!

112. The Crimson Devil

113. Burning, Seething Soul! Scar-Red Nova Dragon

114. Operation: Capture Yaeger II

115. Press Him About The Mystery! The Endgame Riding Duel!!

116. The Momentum Express Development Agency

117. The Distorted Past

118. The New Rivals

119. The Invincible Scrum! Break The Unbreakable Defense!

120. Hold Onto Those Feelings! Holding-Hands Majin!!

121. The Miraculous Trump Card - Sleeping Giant Thud!

122. The Power to Believe! The Strongest Giant Thud vs Shooting Star Dragon

123. The Duelists with the Rune Eyes

124. Damaged Pride

125. Fighting Souls! Polar God King Thor vs Scar-Red Nova Dragon

126. Descend! The Second God - Polar God King Loki

127. Fierce Fight! Destiny Riding on Black Feathers

128. The Three Immortal Polar Gods! Cry out, Savior Star Dragon!

129. Gjallarhorn! Countdown to the End

130. Bound to the Future, Bonds to Our Companions

131. Fight for the Future! Machine Emperor Skiel VS Scar-Red Nova Dragon

132. An Intense Fight!! Machine Emperor Wisel

133. The Looming Giant Emperor! Machine Emperor Grannel

134. The Road of Ruin! The Future Favored By Synchro Summon

135. The Devil of Despair! Imperial Machine God Machinicle Infinity Cubic

136. A Do-or-Die Battle! The Imperial Machine God VS The Synchro Monsters

137. An Approaching Terror: The Citadel of God \"Ark Cradle\"

138. The Path to the Future: The Rainbow Bridge Bifrost

139. The Enchanting Field! Ecole de Zone

140. The Soul-Binding Gate! The Forbidden Future!

141. The Duel of Despair! Fortissimo the Moving Fortress!

142. A Life-or-Death Battle! Machine Divine Emperor Dragon Asterisk

143. The Miracle of Life, Life Stream Dragon!!

144. The Fight for the Future! The Beginning of the End

145. Faster Than Light!!

146. The Last Human, Z-One

147. A Hope for the Future!

148. Just One Chance to Turn It All Around

149. The Revived Hero

150. Feelings Entrusted from my Father

151. Clustering Wishes

153. Clashing Souls! / 154. Shining Forth To The Future

 (голосов: 53)
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